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Analyzing the peculiarities of detox

In the spring, every second woman is displeased with the way she looks. The sides that we gained over the winter and simply tired and exhausted look are almost the main topic of discussion in all women's groups. Experts tell how to speed up the metabolism and give our body a boost to weight loss.
Detox is curative fasting, a quick way to cleanse the digestive system of harmful toxins.
At that, unlike a weight loss diet, our body does not remain without the usual food for a long time and does not feel a psychological load. The duration of the detox is no more than a day in a week or a couple of days a month. Of course, it will not help you lose 10 extra kilograms, but will give a boost to a healthy lifestyle.

The diet slows down the metabolism, while the detox does not. Standard long-term diets are based on refusal not only of another piece of a cake, but also of fats, many of which are useful. The structure and schedule of any weight loss diet is inhumanly strict:
Such restrictions lead to fatal changes in metabolism. Our body starts to grab to each calorie, carefully storing it in the stomach area and sides. Of course, weight does decrease due to dieting, but for a short while. After a caving in, it comes back in a company of a couple new kilos.

Detox does not have enough time to slow down the metabolism. The body and psyche are not oppressed by a constant restriction in food. The digestive system does not take emergency measures, which only force people to eat more.

Drink instead of eating

Even during detox, our body should receive nutritious elements, albeit in limited quantities. The most convenient format is:
Fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices.
Do not be afraid of the drinking weight loss diet. The starting program for beginners does not last longer than one or two days a month. Relative simplicity of juice detoxification procedure allows you to lead a habitual way of life. You can take them to work or leisure. They will quietly survive in your handbag half a day.

A pleasant bonus is the fact that every subsequent detoxification is easier and more effective, and fruit smoothies with almond or soy milk are not inferior to your favorite desserts.


Detox should not be carried out in the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including:
In addition, it is not recommended to extend the course while being on the wave of the first success. This is something that almost every newcomer sins. They feel lightness in the body and actually put themselves on a diet, and a very tough one –

1. endless preparations for detox,
2. detox,
3. exit,
4. and all over again.

You can not do this! The standard detox mode for "advanced detoxers" is once a week or three days (not in a row) once a month.

Professional tips for detox

- Before starting a detox, I recommend you to have a medical examination. You need to go through general blood tests and ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. The detox procedure is contraindicated in people with gallstones, if their size is half a centimeter to one centimeter.
Severe consequences are also possible in people, who suffer from problems with the pancreas or ulcer exacerbation. In all other cases, soft detoxification on juices has virtually no contraindications. I recommend to dissolve juices and smoothies with water, and not drink concentrate in its pure form, since it is harmful to the stomach.

- Detox on freshly squeezed juices lets our body rest from heavy food. However, all juices should be selected according to the effects, for example, those that facilitate the outflow of bile and restoration of the cellular liver structure.
We recommend considering a detox, if you do not feel very healthy and suffer from:

• frequent fatigue,
• pain in the joints,
• pain in the left and right hypochondrium,
• pain and unpleasant sensations in the intestines,
• palpitations.

If you approach the detox procedure with the mind and cleanse your liver and intestines, then all the other organs, including blood, will cleanse on their own.
- Detox is not only a curative fasting, but a whole system, which includes:

• walks in the fresh air
• healthy sufficient sleep.
The most popular and easy-to-eat programs are built on:

1. freshly squeezed juices,
2. smoothies,
3. steamed or raw vegetables.

You need to prepare your body to the procedure by gradually giving up harmful products. The time to prepare and exit the detox depends on its duration. If the detox lasts one day, then you need one day of entry and one day of exit.
You will simply need to change:

• white bread to whole-grain bread,
• gluten porridge (oatmeal, rice, semolina, pearl barley) to gluten-free porridge.

Gluten forms mucus in the body, which adversely affects our health. If your goal is to cleanse the body, you should better get rid of all unnecessary stuff beforehand. The consumption of tea and coffee is minimized. Coffee and tea contain toxins, which are better to avoid during detox.
By the way, when you exit the detox, it is forbidden to consume:
  • sugar
  • cereals
  • products containing yeast
  • bread
  • alcohol
Accordingly, if the detox lasted for 24 hours, then it is enough to keep this diet one day.
With a constant feeling of hunger, add one more meal, consisting only of vegetables. You can have them even at night to avoid going to bed on an empty stomach. If you recently got engaged in the detox, do not plan a lot of physical activity for these days.

It would perfect if you choose a weekend or vacation, to reduce external stress from work to a minimum. Your body already has enough stress while detoxifying.