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The aroma of delicious food contributes to excess weight gain

A group of researchers from the University of California at Berkeley found out that you can gain weight from the aroma of delicious food.

The experiment was carried out in mice. The experimental animals were divided into three groups and fed for a week with fast food.
  • The first group included mice with a normal sense of smell. In a week, they gained almost 100% of their initial weight.
  • The second group included mice with a loss of smell. In a week, they gained only 10% of their weight.
  • The third group included mice that stopped distinguishing smells during the experiment. Due to this, they lost weight, despite the high-calorie diet.
The researchers say that the experiment results showed that loss of smell, even for a short time:

1. improves metabolism,
2. promotes weight loss.

This is easy to explain through a simple example. During a cold, even the most delicious food does not bring any pleasure, because the nose is stuffed and does not distinguish smells.

Researchers believe that loss of smell will help people, who are trying to reduce their body weight in their fight against excessive kilograms, and will even help them control appetite.

“The sensitivity of smell decreases after meals,” says Celine Riera. “If you deceive your brain and make it believe that you already had a meal, your body will start burning fat and calories, instead of storing them.”
Still, it’s not worth overdoing it. After all, loss of smell can lead to complications and even depression.