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Just as a slender person, a person with excess weight needs a balanced diet. The lack of this or that element will affect the appearance, well-being, health and slimming process. Let us talk about useful food and special products that contribute to the splitting and excretion of fat cells.
  • Vegetables should make up a third of all your daily diet. This is a variety of vegetables: cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, etc. However, it is better to refuse to use such products as beets, potatoes, beans, pumpkin, turnips, because they contain a lot of carbohydrates and starch.
  • Fish is a rich source of useful elements. Choosing lean varieties, you will provide yourself with a quality protein with a minimum fat content.
  • Refusal of meat is a big mistake of many people who follow strict diets. In addition to the protein, which is essential for the body when losing weight, you should get a full set of amino acids. Meat contains such amino acids that cannot be obtained from other foods. Eat only lean and natural meat. Dishes from it are better to cook without oil and sharp spices, which provoke appetite.
  • Poultry is the best option for a diet. Weight loss experts recommend buying breast without skin. There are many options for cooking poultry meat; your body will receive valuable animal protein if regularly consumed.
  • Fatty acids are also needed for the body during slimming. Full exclusion of fat from the menu is a big mistake of people losing weight. Without fatty acids, the absorption of nutrients is impossible. Use a spoon of vegetable oil or lean yogurt for salad dressing.
  • Dairy products are useful due to high protein and low fat content. During weight loss, fat content of dairy and sour-milk products should be no more than 2.5%.
  • A few low-calorie sweets will not harm the weight loss process. This is about such products as pastilles, marmalade, and marshmallow. However, do not abuse these goodies. Nevertheless, you cannot completely deprive yourself of the pleasure to eat something delicious with tea; this will negatively affect your mood. A positive attitude is the key to success. Dietitians advise periodically to eat a spoonful of honey or a piece of bitter chocolate that contains many antioxidants.
Various specialists advise products, the use of which is especially useful for burning fatty deposits:

• pineapple;
• citrus fruits;
• olives and olive oil (in small quantities);
• green tea;
• garlic, onion, mint, parsley, coriander;
• low-fat dairy products;
• chili pepper.
Getting rid of excess weight - deceive hunger
  • Small tricks will help you to deceive hunger and will become useful habits over time that will prevent you from eating too much.
  • Small tricks will help you to deceive hunger and will become useful habits over time that will prevent you from eating too much.
  • Before a big feast, drink a glass of low-fat sour-milk drink. This will reduce desire to eat too much and taste all the dishes on the festive table.
  • At the beginning of lunch, drink a cup of water, or a vegetable or chicken broth. Filling the stomach, you will not overeat.
  • Remove harmful and high-calorie food from your refrigerator. Useful products, laid out in beautiful dishes will prevent you from gaining excess weight. Put a plate with fruits on a table instead of a vase with sweets.
  • Instead of juices, eat fruits, because they contain fiber necessary for normal digestion.
  • Lovers of fried eggs for the breakfast can cook it from one egg and 2-3 egg whites instead of several whole eggs. The dish taste will not be changed, but you will eat less fat, which is in the yolk.
  • If you have a habit to eat chips or nuts during watching the movie, replace these products by fruits or vegetables.
  • Put slices of pumpkin in the soup instead of high-calorie potatoes.
  • There is a great way to suppress appetite and herewith to get a large portion of liquid. This is a watermelon, which you can eat as often as you want.
Excess weight - exercises: fitness trainer tips
Fitness instructors are also specialists in the field of nutrition. After all, no physical loads will lead to the desired result without a proper nutritional regimen.

Many trainers see the problem of obesity not in overeating, as is commonly believed, but in the consumption of products with a high glycemic index. Overeating healthy food, you will not gain a lot of excess weight, and it will be easy to get rid of it. Glucose, which is in excess in the blood, is accumulated in fat stores when abusing food with a high glycemic index. Therefore, sharp jumps of sugar in the body lead to reactive hypoglycemia, which causes a wish to eat again. Excess weight is deposited very quickly during fast changes of glucose level.

If you feel drowsy after a meal, if you your appetite appears again very quickly and the desire to eat something sweet is sometimes unbearable, then you should pay more attention to the glycemic level of food consumed.