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Factors affecting metabolism

Have you ever wondered: why do some people have a beautiful slender and fit figure without making much efforts, while others regularly keep to a diet, exhaust themselves in the gym, and do not achieve the desired result?

The answer is simple - the key to success is a balance. The balance of three main components of our way of life that have the greatest effect on metabolism.
These factors are:
Needless to say that metabolic processes also change in the body when the total amount of fat exceeds a healthy rate. In particular, because fat cells produce hormones that affect the body functions. According to statistics, only 10% of people have an ideally healthy ratio of fat and muscle tissue in the body. The majority of people make up the remaining 90%, especially those leading a sedentary lifestyle. That is, they have an increased percentage of fatty tissue in the body and obvious lack of muscle mass.

A beautiful, healthy and slender body is the result of the fact that metabolic processes in the body are proceeding properly, without disturbances and deviations. However, excessive body weight or excessive leanness is a clear sign that some mechanisms in the body are out of order.

In this article, such an important factor as proper nutrition will be considered.

It should be noted that people who have chronic illnesses or other health problems should consult a doctor before taking any steps.

Components of proper nutrition

"We are what we eat". This phrase has a completely trivial biological explanation. Our body is built precisely from the material we consume with food. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals (micro and macro elements) - all this is necessary to build cells of the body.

Food intakes should be frequent

Taking food every 3 hours, you avoid a state of "starvation", which forces your body to take nutrients from the body cells and slow down metabolic processes.

In a normal nutrition during the day, you will not want to empty the fridge in the evening.
You can eat an apple, a salad, some cottage cheese or a couple of crispbread as a snack between the main meals.

After you buy snack products, lay them out in the places of your daily habitation. Put a packet of crispbread and a few apples in the table at work and in the glovebox in the car, fill a beautiful vase with fruits at home and put some nuts or a couple of fruit bars in your bag.

Refrain from buying yoghurt of long-term storage and sweet curds. They will not bring benefits to you, but a couple of extra pounds in the future. Choose natural products with a minimal amount of additives.
Do not starve during the day, and then you will not eat more than you need during main meals.

Food intakes should be regular

Over time, the body will get used to the fact that nutrients come uninterruptedly, so it will get out of stress state and stop creating fat deposits for a rainy day. In addition, in regular nutrition, the necessary amount of digestive enzymes will be released by a certain time for the best food absorption.

Try to eat at the same time. Make a habit: have breakfast, for example, at 8 am, have a snack at 11 am, and have lunch at 2 pm and so on. At first, it will be difficult. However, you will quickly get used to it.
Do not skip breakfast. It is the most important food intake for the body. Metabolism is most intense in the morning.

At this time, you can eat foods high in carbohydrates without consequences for your body weight. Whatever you eat in the morning, your body will recycle into energy. In the evening, the metabolism slows down, and a sandwich eaten before going to bed will take its place of honor at your waist.

It is better to eat food low in carbohydrates in the evening. For example, fish, vegetables, or sour-milk products.

Food should be balanced

In order to build a house, a building material is required. However, in this case, you build not a house, but a much more complex system - your own body. You have one body for the whole life; you cannot sell it and buy a new one. Therefore, you should treat your own body accordingly - carefully.

In order to be in a healthy state, the body should not lack the necessary building materials: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water, as well as micro- and macro elements.

What does happen when the person lacks any substance in the body? First, the body tries to get the needed substance from its own reserves. When they are depleted, the body begins to "disconnect" and "slow down" minor vital functions, primarily providing the most important functions with nutrients. Can you survive without beautiful hair or strong nails? Certainly, you can! Hence, you can "save" on your hair and nails in conditions of deficiency of nutrients.
Therefore, do not postpone the decision for tomorrow at the first signs of a "crisis" (chronic fatigue, split hair, peeling nails, dry skin, and muscle cramps, etc.). Study your own body, understand what it lacks and try to fill this deficit.

It is not an easy task to organize the diet in such a way so that the body receives all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, micro- and macronutrients.

Ideally, in order to make up a verified nutrition program, it is necessary to do all tests, to reveal individual features of digestion, to take into account chronic diseases (if there are any), lifestyle, level of physical activity, stress, and many other.

Is it possible to do without professional help? It is hardly. How to act in this situation?

Universal rules

There are several universal rules of balanced nutrition, which each can fully observe. Metabolic processes proceed in an identical manner, obeying to well-known laws in the absolute majority of people. Knowing how the system is arranged, it can be fully managed.
  • First of all, try to diversify your diet as much as possible. Do not eat only pasta or cereals for a week. Buy different products and do not be lazy to cook. Semi-finished products pass through such production processes that destroy the bulk of vitamins.
  • Forget about diets in any of their manifestations. Lack of certain substances in the body will necessarily affect your appearance. Do not forbid yourself anything. Thus, you just create unnecessary stress for the body, and then you will fail all the same. You can eat everything little by little. The keyword is "little by little" because the excess is not better than the lack.
  • Remember the food pyramid. It shows in what ratio and what foods a healthy diet should include. Print and hang on the refrigerator.
  • Include vitamins, micro- and macronutrients in your diet.
  • Eat frequently and regularly.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day.
Most importantly is to be calm and consistent, do not panic if something does not work out right away. Confidence and common sense are important in everything.

A good metabolism is necessary for any person. An issue of proper nutrition becomes particularly relevant for people involved in fitness and leading an active lifestyle. Devote a little time to this important factor, and you will definitely be rewarded.