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How to get back in shape quickly? ask gisele bundchen!

Once, Gisele Bundchen used to be one of the Victoria's Secret “angels”, but even after terminating the contract with this extremely famous lingerie brand, the model did not remain forever lost to the industry of lingerie and swimwear.

Not a single person, who saw Gisele’s photo for Calzedonia, could say that he did not notice the great shape that she had then (just so you know, the photo was taken only five months after she gave birth to her son!).

And later, we had the opportunity to duly appreciate the efforts of the model for the lingerie brand Hope. The underwear itself is not very noticeable (to be more precisely - it is the most usual). One more time, it is Giselle’s body that deserves all the admiration in the world.

Incidentally, Bundchen herself says that she did not find it too difficult to get her body back into the perfect shape.

The model thinks that the main mistake of many women is that they turn themselves into a “trash can”, when they get pregnant.
Here are the secrets of the model that she used while being pregnant, not to let herself lose the shape to the point, where it would be difficult to get it back:
  • I monitored my nutrition very carefully, due to which I gained less than 15 kilograms
  • I attended kung fu trainings up until two weeks were left before the birth date.
  • In addition, I was doing yoga three times a week
Of course, we all need to keep in mind that pregnancy is the time when our body needs proper healthy nutrition and a sufficient amount of physical activity. However, it does not mean that you need to get a gym membership once you see the coveted two stripes on the test.

Before engaging into anything physical activity, which requires more efforts higher than simple walking, you need to consult with your doctor and make sure that you have no contraindications.

One more thing to keep in mind before having one more slice of that chocolate cake is that prevention is better than consequent fixing. Take good care of your body, both through letting it move and fueling it with healthy supplies.

With her commitment to regular exercising and through a very careful monitoring of her nutrition, Giselle gained less than 15 kilograms during her pregnancy and managed to avoid stretch marks from a sharp weight increase.