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Ideal weight by means of one-day diet

For sure, you will be pleased that the one-day diet will not only lead to weight loss, but it will also be a wonderful preventive and curative remedy - will help to cleanse your body.

No matter, whether you care more about the desired slimness or about health first of all - this diet is for you. It is an ideal means for both goals.
Cleanse your digestive system
If you are suffering from excess weight, this does not only affect your appearance. It also means that your body is overloaded, and the digestive organs need to be cleansed.

There are many signs that unmistakably make it known that excessive and improper food is harmful to health. They include rapid fatigue, headache, runny nose, frequent colds and skin defects.
Slags formation
The human body usually very well copes with harmful substances. However, slags are still formed because of improper food year after year and of consumption of alcohol and nicotine. They are gradually accumulated so much that "a whole team of cleaners would not have coped with".

A beneficial rest for the liver and intestines
Allow yourself a little excesses, but also help yourself to protect your health keeping fasting one day a week. Just think about the fact that your digestive organs work 24 hours a day for you! That is, they are constantly busy, having neither a single weekend.

Do not you feel sorry for your body? Hardly! Therefore, give it one day off per week. During this time, it will get rid of the existing harmful substances and will rest from aggravating eating habits. Fatty food, such as French fries with mayonnaise, toast with ham and cheese or vanilla ice cream requires incredible energy expenditures and even one drop of alcohol leads to the fact that the intestine, liver and kidneys should work in extreme conditions.

Liver plays an important role in metabolism
This is the largest internal organ. Vitamins, sugar and iron are accumulated in the liver, it processes proteins and process of fat metabolism takes place therein. The liver plays a central role in removing harmful substances from the body.
Kidney - powerful filter
The kidneys filter all the blood of your body about 300 times for one day. Kidneys are extremely important for the body cleaning, because toxins are excreted from the body with urine. It is necessary to drink a lot of water not only being on the diet, but every day, thus "cleanse" the kidneys.

Stomach - overloaded organ
First of all, food enters the stomach through esophagus. Gastric juice prepares the body for the process of food digestion. Food is thoroughly mixed with gastric juice and slowly moves to the duodenum, the upper portion of the small intestines. If you have a sensitive stomach, you should give up coffee and always be very careful choosing food you eat. In this case, you are recommended to consume water, whey and tea and in no case juices, since they are not so well tolerated by the body.
Intestine – the center of digestion
The intestine is the central organ of digestion. It is divided into a thin and large intestine. Food is thoroughly mixed in about four-meter-long small intestine. After its constituent parts are digested with digestive juice, they enter through the mucous membrane into the blood. Vitamins, minerals and salts come from food in the large intestine. Unsuitable portions of food are excreted from the body in feces.

Skin - assistant in cleansing process
Skin occupies the largest area on the human body – at the average about two square meters. A large number of harmful substances, slags are excreted from the body through the sweat and sebaceous glands. It is also very useful for the skin when you are on the one-day diet, during which you drink plenty of fluids. Its healthy state will be as a proof for you.
Get rid of toxins and harmful substances
The one-day diet will give rest all organs of your body helping them to optimally provide billions of cells with energy. During fasting, a process of distribution and production of energy is rebuilt: food is usually absorbed, digested, split and removed from the body. During fasting day, the body is forced to use its existing fat accumulations; harmful substances are excreted by themselves.

The skin functions
To accelerate the body cleansing through the skin, you will have to give up perfumed hygiene products and give preference to neutral soap and lotion. It is also recommended to take a cold or contrast shower.
Weight reduction with constant success
The one-day diet will help you to lose weight easily: when you give up eating during one day, the weekly number of calories you consume decreases by one-seventh. That is, you save 2000-3500 calories! Therefore, you can lose about a kilogram for one fasting day.

The body learns to adhere to the measure
Since you cleanse your body during fasting day, consuming a lot of liquid and fat burning drinks, the scales indicator may drop even lower. In addition, the one-day diet helps to keep a sense of proportion, so that you will gradually start eating less on the other days of the week as well. Week by week you will see the results more and more clearly. However, do not forget: the one-day diet does not apply to radical means. Be patient! If you want to lose weight constantly, you need to cleanse your body regularly, not once or twice, but week after week.