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How to lose weight without stress

It is hard to find a woman, who is not dreaming of getting slim without having to bear any food restrictions and tedious trainings, yet not every woman manages to find a perfect way to do this. What are the most popular weight loss methods and how to choose the best of them?


It's no secret that each product has its own caloric value, that is, it is equivalent to a certain amount of energy. If you spend the energy that it contains means that you don’t gain or lose a gram, while the excess will sooner or later turn around in the form of accumulated fatty deposits. That's the whole principle of the diet, based on calorie counting.

- To ensure that you definitely expend everything that you have eaten during a typical day in the office, leisurely walks or household chores, you should consume at least 1500 calories per day.

Having armed yourself with the table of caloric content of products (you can easily find it on the Internet), proceed to simple mathematical calculations and think through the menu. Thus,
  • 100 g of minced mutton meat contains approximately 280 kcal,
  • 100 g cottage cheese will “cost” you 330 kcal,
  • Grana Padano cheese of the same weight will “cost” 400 kcal.
This weight loss method is attractive because you do not need to change your eating habits. The main thing is not to go beyond the norm and to moderate your appetite if you cave in.

You will have the effect desired, yet this method can not be called a healthy one, because, let's be frank, the choice between a portion of vegetables and mouth-watering pasta will not always be made in favor of the former.


The most popular of the Hollywood diets lasts two weeks, therefore it is in such a high demand among the celebrities. It allows you to noticeably lose weight before the designated social event or the beginning of shooting in a new movie.
However, this slimming diet has much more harm than good. So, you are allowed to have just two meals a day (breakfasts are canceled), which include only:

  • eggs,
  • boiled fish and meat,
  • fresh vegetables and fruits.
The amount of carbohydrates should be minimal. At that, you should drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Should we even mention that serving size for lunch and dinner are really tiny?

The main disadvantage of this diet is that such a sharp change in nutrition will pose your body to serious stress, which means that you, without a doubt, will gain even more kilograms that you manage to lose immediately as the diet is over.

Never forget that the wasp waist of celebrities sometimes costs them health.


A common practice among those, who prefer to rest from food as such from time to time is one-day starvation. At that, you can not just take the willful decision to stop eating, because it's too dangerous for your health.

You should enter the fasting day smoothly and exit it no less accurately.
  • On the first day, you need to limit the consumption of fatty and carbohydrate food, exclude any cereals and legumes, drink only unsweetened tea. For example, if you decide to have a vegetable salad for lunch, dress it with a small amount of olive oil and avoid salt. Better refuse dinner at all.
  • The next day, you are allowed to drink 3-4 liters of water only. Be careful: weakness and light dizziness are possible.
  • On the third day, you can eat exactly the same as you did on the first day, and gradually add protein products in small amount. If you decide to fast, it will be perfect if you consult with your doctor for any unforeseen reaction of the body.