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If you decide to use the services of this site, please read carefully the terms of the agreement. If you do not understand any of the agreement terms, you can ask all your questions to the site administration.

Note that your credit card data will be required for placing your order. Regardless of your payment system, the transaction will be carried out within 24-48 hours after order confirmation.
Using the information, placed on the site, you agree to the terms of the agreement. If you do not agree with the agreement terms, you must stop using this website.

Terms of the agreement

1. Site content

Software, as well as graphic and text information, published on the site, may be changed periodically. Information, posted on the website, should not be interpreted as a guide to action. The site administration is not obliged to pre-notify visitors about updates and revisions.
Operating systems can distort the graphics, posted on the site. Therefore, the shape, size and color of Phen375 weight loss drug packaging may differ from the real package.

The site administration does not guarantee information actuality on special promotions and additional services. Therefore, please ask customer service staff for confirmation of the published information. By visiting this site, you agree to use the information only for lawful purposes.

2. Export

Order fulfillment is guaranteed by the delivery contract, concluded at the time of purchase, between the shipper, the buyer and the exporter. Orders can only be executed at the address, specified at order placement.

In accordance with the “Refund Policy”, Phen375 weight loss drug can be returned to the shipper. If support staff detects any signs of fraud on the part of the customer, it has the right to cancel the refund request.

The postal service bears responsibility for damaging or losing the order during transportation. International and regional Phen375 importers must comply with the legislation, governing the importation of non-prescription medicines.

2. Confirmation

Only authorized visitors can confirm the consent to the Agreement terms, Refund policy and Delivery terms. It is enough specifying your email to login to the site.

When you indicate your real email, you have the possibility to receive notifications on the order confirmation and receive promotions and special offers, only available to authorized users.

Shipper may cancel or change an order, without prior notice. Phen375 buyer has the opportunity to confirm his order details by phone or email.

3. Information security

Any text and graphic information is posted on the site in accordance with copyright law. Copying and distribution of this information for commercial or any other purposes is permitted only with the prior consent of the site administration.

Unauthorized copying and usage of the information without a prior notice to the site administration violates the laws, governing republication of private, public and any other content.

4. Brands

Brands (registered trade names) and logos, posted on the site, may be protected by a patent. Using proprietary brands and logos without a written authorization is prohibited by law.

5. Placing links

Publishing links to other information resources on this site is possible only with the consent of the site administration. Links to any of the site pages should not violate governing laws.

6. Links to third parties

This site may contain links to other information resources. The site administration bears no civil, criminal or any other responsibility for the content of other sites.

7. Moderation

It is prohibited to publish on this site text and graphic images with elements and attributes of violence, extremism, pornography, harassment and other materials, violating human rights or applicable law. Posts, comments and reviews of the registered users are being moderated to prevent an administrative offense.

8. Personal data

Registered users’ personal data protection is governed by Privacy Policy. Information, obtained in the comments and reviews, may be used by site administration for conducting surveys, developing promotional offers and other commercial and non-commercial purposes.

9. Disclaimer

Graphics and text information on this site may not coincide with the position of the site administration. Publication of information on this site is governed by applicable laws and regulations.

10. Responsibility restriction

Site visitors are personally responsible for downloads safety. To protect your operating system from potential threats, install antivirus software before downloading files to your computer.

Complaints to the speed of order execution and services quality is governed by such sections, as Quality Assurance, Refund Policy, as well as the terms and conditions hereof.

11. Alteration of the agreement terms

Agreement terms are updated and supplemented without a prior notice to the site visitors. Please read the agreement terms each time you use the information, provided on the site.

12. Jurisdiction

Terms of the agreement comply with the United States legislation and may not coincide with the norms of international law. Like any other agreement, governing relations between the two parties, terms of this agreement are available in printed form.

13. Deleting the account

Registered users can delete their account without any explanation. The site administration can block access to your account, if you repeatedly violate agreement terms. After you delete the account, your access to the site technical capabilities may be limited.

14. Health

Text and graphic information on this website should not be used for diagnosis and self-treatment. Phen375 diet pills must be used in strict compliance with the instructions for use.

15. Arbitration clause

The terms of this agreement apply only to registered visitors, who have placed an order. Third party claims to the terms of the agreement shall not be considered and discussed.

16. Export restriction

The export of non-prescription Phen375 pills is not possible in a number of countries. Before buying Phen375 diet pills, make sure that they can be delivered to your country of residence. You can obtain the list of these countries from customer service employee.

17. Terms of conflict resolution

The complaints on the quality of services provided must be submitted no later than one year after order confirmation. Term of conflict review and resolution does not depend on the buyer’s country of residence.

18. Final clause

Read carefully all terms and conditions hereof. If you disagree with one or few items of the agreement terms, stop using this website and refrain from visiting it.