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Phen375 and antidepressant therapy

In most cases, obesity is accompanied by depressive, anxiety or phobic disorders caused by the violation of social and psychological adaptation. In addition, signs of neuropsychic disorders are observed in obesity. For example, in obese people self-esteem is often reduced, many feel uncertainly in the society, sleep disorders are observed, working capacity is decreased, irritability is increased and mood is reduced.

Overweight or obesity can develop at any age. Causes of obesity include: abnormal eating behavior; reduced physical activity; genetic predisposition; sleep disorder; stress and other disorders in the body.

When treating obesity, accompanied by depressive disorders of mild or moderate severity, combined therapy is prescribed which implies:

  • adhere to a low-calorie diet
  • daily physical activity
  • use of medicines for weight loss (for example, Phen375)
Phen375 and depression
Simultaneous use of herbal medication Phen375 together with diet and exercise contributes to the rapid and stable weight loss. Considering that herbal pills Phen375 do not have clinically significant effect on CNS functions, they can be prescribed for obesity treatment regardless of depression severity. Besides the fact that herbal pills Phen375 suppress appetite, they also improve metabolism, increase thermogenesis, as well as reduce the amount of fat and toxins in the body tissues.
Phen375 and moderate or severe depression
If obesity is associated with weakly expressed depression symptoms, person’s psychoemotional state will be improved together with the weight loss. However, if obese patient is diagnosed with moderate or severe depression, he can be prescribed antidepressants together with Phen375. Use of herbal medication Phen375 together with antidepressants helps:

• to decrease appetite and reduce body weight
• to increase physical and social activity
• to reduce fatigue and to improve mood
• to restore normal sleep and wakefulness
• to increase concentration and mental activity
Phen375 with antidepressants
Simultaneous use of herbal pills Phen375 with antidepressants is not contraindicated. However, it is recommended to consult the health care provider before you use Phen375 with antidepressant medications.
Phen375 for adolescents
It should be noted that herbal pills Phen375 for weight loss can be prescribed for adolescents only if the use of alternative (non-drug) methods of obesity treatment is ineffective.

If you want to become slim quickly, but prescription weight loss drugs (like, Phentermine) are contraindicated to you, you can order some effective and safe weight loss pills Phen375 right now. Please note that before purchasing diet pills Phen375 online, you can get a qualified consultation of a pharmacist.