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Phen375 and treatment of fatty liver

Fatty liver is one of the most complex types of obesity. Unlike ordinary obesity, fatty liver is much more difficult to diagnose. More so, this disease might not depend on the obesity of the whole organism. Accumulation of fat cells in liver is called fatty liver. Fat cells in the liver can be accumulated for various reasons; most often, it is associated with any toxic effect on the liver.

Symptoms of the disease may not manifest for a long time. Patients with fatty liver can rarely experience pain at the right side when moving, as well as the inside heaviness. In some cases, even ultrasound examination cannot exactly show the presence or absence of fatty liver. Only biopsy allows to make an accurate diagnosis of fatty liver.

Diet for fatty liver
Treatment of fatty liver involves a special system of diet. Diet therapy should be balanced and rich in proteins. Treatment of fatty liver is very effective, if all body features will be taken into account when making up a diet plan. If fatty liver is accompanied by general obesity, natural drug Phen375 for obesity treatment is prescribed as an adjunct to diet therapy and moderate physical activity.
Phen375 and fatty liver
Phen375 for obesity treatment helps not only to adhere to dietary restrictions but also to increase the body metabolism. Thanks to the fact that Phen375 accelerates the metabolism, content of fats and toxins decreases in the body tissues. Along with the reduction of fats and toxins, fatty liver tissue decreases in patients taking Phen375.

Given that obesity contributes to lipid metabolism disorder, regular use of Phen375 not only will provide weight loss, but also will normalize lipid metabolism. Reduction of cholesterol and sugar in the blood helps to reduce body weight, as well as to improve liver functions and to cleanse the liver from fat accumulation.
Phen375 a treatment course in fatty liver
Because Phen375 drug for obesity treatment is of natural origin, it provides not only effective but also safe weight loss. One can achieve the most effective weight loss when using Phen375 within three months. Twelve weeks after the obesity therapy, one should stop using Phen375. However, after Phen375 discontinuation, it is recommended to continue non-drug obesity treatment, in particular, a low-calorie diet and physical activity.

After Phen375 discontinuation, diet therapy should be rich in products with high amount of protein. Consumption of low-calorie but rich in proteins food will prevent the body intoxication. Moreover, protein-rich foods provide the body with all necessary vitamins and minerals. Given that Phen375 is a herbal drug and has no toxic effect on the body, its intake can be renewed in combination with conservative methods of obesity treatment after 3 months.

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