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Obesity treatment with hypertension

Obesity is a risk factor of cardiovascular complications, as well as hypertension.
In people with overweight the risk of hypertension is 2 times higher than in people with normal body weight.

Obesity in combination with hypertension increases the risk of coronary heart disease by 2-3 times and the risk of cerebral strokes – by 5-7 times. In obesity, hypertension treatment is to:

  • reduce body weight
  • normalize metabolic disorders
  • achieve optimal level of blood pressure
  • prevent the risk of cardiovascular complications
Phen375 in hypertension
In hypertension, obesity treatment includes the change of eating habits, namely the consumption of low-calorie foods. When non-drug methods for losing weight fail, Phen375 drug for obesity treatment is prescribed in combination with low-calorie diet.

Phen375 is a herbal medicine with moderate anorexigenic effect. Phen375 does not have any side effects, so it can be prescribed for weight loss in hypertension even in pediatric patients. However, it is necessary to consult your pediatrician before to start using herbal tablets Phen375 for weight loss.
Phen375 with hypotensive drugs
Obesity treatment, accompanied by hypertension may include not only Phen375 use but also the use of hypotensive drugs. In combined use of Phen375 tablets for weight loss with hypotensive drugs, the level of blood pressure should be regularly controlled.

To treat obesity associated with hypertension, herbal medicine Phen375 is most often prescribed simultaneously with ACE inhibitors and (or) angiotensin II receptor blockers. These groups of antihypertensive drugs do not interact with Phen375 tablets. Therefore, adjustment of Phen375 daily dose is not required when treating obesity along with hypertension.
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Use of Phen375 allows to normalize metabolic processes in the body, to decrease body weight and to prevent obesity relapses. Use of herbal tablets Phen375 in combination with low-calorie diet helps the patients with hypertension:
  • to improve blood pressure control
  • to reduce the load on cardiovascular system
  • to decrease the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood plasma
  • to ease breathing during exercise
  • to reduce pain syndrome
  • to improve psychoemotional status