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Phen375 and respiratory system

Overweight or obesity is an excess accumulation of adipose tissue in the body. The main cause of weight gain is an energy imbalance between calories, consumed with food and amount of calories, expended during physical activity.

In addition, overweight exchange of hormone leptin produced by fat cells is disturbed in the body.

Obesity and hormone leptin
Main function of leptin is metabolic regulation of body weight. Hormone leptin also stimulates pulmonary ventilation and participates in the regulation of breathing.

In acute deficiency of leptin in the body, alveolar hypoventilation is formed and the risk of:

• obstructive sleep apnea
• aspiration pneumonia
• pulmonary embolism and asthma
in several times increases in obese patients

Obese patients should obligatorily reduce body weight given the enormous importance of excess adipose tissue in the pathogenesis of pulmonary diseases.
Respiratory pathology and physical activity
Obesity treatment and maintenance of normal body weight involves diet and daily exercises. Considering that intense physical exercise is contraindicated in the deterioration of lung function, physical activity should be moderate. For more intense weight loss, patients with respiratory pathology can be prescribed appetite suppressant drugs, such as Phen375.
Phen375 and respiratory system pathology
Taking herbal pills Phen375, patients with respiratory diseases will be able to achieve a rapid and stable weight loss. So, anti-obesity pills Phen375 facilitate the observance of hypocaloric diet during which it is recommended to:

• limit the consumption of fats
• increase consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grain products, nuts
• reduce the intake of sugar and salt

Due to the use of anti-obesity pills Phen375, metabolism in the body improves, as well as fats and toxins in the body tissues decrease. Besides weight loss, in obese patients taking Phen375 pills the synthesis of fat acids significantly decreases, as well as adipose tissue in the body gradually reduces.
The regular use of herbal pills Phen375 will help to reduce your body weight. The risk of respiratory failure will be reduced simultaneously with weight loss. During the anti-obesity therapy, patients taking Phen375 pills will gradually experience:
  • improved respiratory mechanics and pulmonary ventilation
  • increased respiratory muscle endurance
  • increased the elasticity of lung tissue

If you want to use Phen375 for obesity treatment complicated by respiratory diseases, you can buy cheap weight loss pills Phen375 online. Before you order Phen375 online, you can ask all your questions about these OTC diet pills by email.