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Phen375 or Duromine?

Duromine is the most prescribed RX diet pills in Australia, while Phen375 is the most popular OTC diet pills in the USA.

•    Phen375 pills are produced only in the USA. Potential buyers of OTC weight loss products have the opportunity to buy Phen375 online in any country of the world.

Each Phen375 tablet contains several active ingredients, contributing to weight loss, increase of physical activity and health improvement. All active ingredients of Phen375 are natural and safe. Therefore, Phen375 tablets are accessible without a prescription, since they cause no side effects.

•    Duromine pills are produced in Australia only. All the offers to buy Duromine without a prescription online are frauds.

Every Duromine capsule contains the controlled substance Phentermine. Drugs containing Phentermine anorexigenic agent (such as Duromine), can cause drug dependence, euphoria and other psychiatric effects. Because of the high risk of unwanted side effects, Duromine pills can be prescribed only after a comprehensive medical examination.

Duromine or Phen375 choice criteria

Duromine is a medication, chosen by patients, whose obesity poses a potential threat for their health. Because Duromine causes a strong anorexigenic effect, its application helps to become slim within 2-4 weeks. Maximal result is reached within 8-12 weeks after the onset of Duromine therapy.

Duromine expected results
Those, who choose Duromine for obesity treatment, should remember that:

• Large daily doses of Duromine drug cause a rapid development of tolerance to its anorexigenic effect.
• Duromine helps to lose weight quickly, but it cannot prevent weight regain.
• Duromine can cause long-term side effects that limit the use of Duromine for the secondary anti-obesity therapy.
Phen375 expected results
Unlike Duromine capsules, Phen375 tablets do not cause dependence and other long-term side effects. Even a prolonged use of Phen375 tablets does not decrease their effectiveness. Thus, the natural fat burner – Phen375 can be used in a long-term anti-obesity therapy for over three months
Phen375 vs Duromine
Comparing Duromine and Phen375, the last one provides a weaker anorexic effect. However, an absolute advantage of Phen375 tablets is that they can be used until a person learns to control the appetite on his own.

Duromine capsules can be used for three months maximum. Therefore, those people, who did not manage to change their eating behavior, start overeating again after finishing Duromine treatment course. Because of overeating, the body weight increases and obesity start progressing.

To prevent the regain of body weight, people can take Phen375 tablets every day. These tablets not only help to control the appetite but also help to burn fat tissue
Phen375 and Duromine drug interaction
It should be said that Duromine and Phen375 drug interaction is unknown. Therefore, you should use Phen375 for losing weight and prevention of obesity only after you finish using Duromine weight loss capsules.