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Useful tips for face slimming

Not only body shape can become fat, face can too. There are numerous body weight loss methods, but when it comes to face slimming ways – they are hardly to find.

Plump cheeks can be visually made less by means of properly make-up and hairstyle, but there are some real ways to slim down the face.
Correction of face deficiencies is a quite prolonged process, unless you will make a plastic surgery. Otherwise, you need to find time to care for your face every day for several months, if you really want to achieve the result.

Those, who are not satisfied with their face, should follow tips:

Firstly, go swimming. Absence of edema and good blood circulation are effects of constant workouts.
The second kind of sport, which should be engaged in if you want to slim down your face is a facial gymnastics – guidance can be found in any bookstore or on the Internet. The main thing is not to be lazy, but introduce it into your daily schedule; you can do it at any time of the day. Do you have free time at work? Forward, go to the mirror and do it!

Light massage, which you can do when applying your cream on the face, will help to cope with this task, it should be performed with the fingertips by patting movements.
Secondly, adhere to a diet. It is necessary to choose the diet intended for the face.
It is better to choose the diet, which consists of six food intakes, which means that you should eat six times a day; however, servings should be small. In this case, three food intakes are main meals and three - snacks. The last food intake should be consumed 3 hours before bedtime. You should exclude sugar, salt, fatty meat dishes, sweet pastries and lemonades from your diet. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, vegetable oil - are the best food products for those who have set the task to slim down their face.

It is necessary to drink one and a half liters of water per day, since it will help to keep your facial skin healthy. The ideal solution is consumption of mineral, pure water. It is recommended to abandon coffee, strong tea, and alcohol.