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Weight, without the scales, measuring tape and bmi indicators

We offer you a simple test, for which you will not need a scale, a measuring tape or a calculator, to check how harmonious your body is. This is due to the fact that only this test can actually tell if you have extra weight or not!

Let's be frank: excess weight is a subjective thing. One woman looks like a reed and dreams of losing five kilos, another woman has delicious curves and is convinced that her figure is perfect.

Physiologists believe that neither volume in centimeters, nor weight in kilograms, nor even BMI are able to accurately reflect this ephemeral concept of “extra weight”. Scientists suggested proceeding from other criteria. Your body was created by nature primarily in order to carry out certain functions. If it copes with them without problems, the question of whether to lose weight or not is solely a matter of your aesthetic preferences.

Wear tight clothes or simply do it in your underwear. Turn sideways to the full-height mirror and lean forward - slowly and smoothly, as low as you can.

  • Does the stomach hang?
  • Does it interfere with bending?
If you managed to easily sink at an angle of 45 degrees to your feet, everything is ok.
2. GAP
Stand with your face in front of the mirror, and put your feet together. Count the number of gaps between your legs. Everything is ok, if you count three of these:

  • between the hips,
  • between the knees and calves,
  • between the ankles.
Stand up to the mirror sideways, bend so that the body is parallel to the floor, and pull your in stomach as much as you can.

  • If it “sinks”, that is, it becomes sunken, this is an excellent result!
  • If it is flat – it is also good.
  • If the stomach continues to protrude, watch out.
This test is best performed wearing underwear only. Sit on the floor, the trunk is strictly vertical, at an angle of 90 degrees to the elongated legs. Relax your stomach. Pluck up the courage and count how many rolls form.

  • One? You're good!
  • Two? Time to get worried.
Sit comfortably and keep your head straight. Try to grab the skin on the nape of your neck with your fingers.

  • You should not manage to do it. In the absence of excess weight, fingers will slip all the time.
Spread your arm to the side parallel to the floor, and strain your muscles. With fingers of the other hand, try to pinch your triceps. You should manage to grab a roll of 1 cm, not more.

In any case, remember that you and only you decide whether your appearance suits you!